ansible-vault 命令

  1. ansible-vault 命令輔助說明,第一行列出的是所有可用的子命令。
    [deyu1@kvm19 ansible]$ ansible-vault --help
    Usage: ansible-vault [create|decrypt|edit|encrypt|encrypt_string|rekey|view] 
    [options] [vaultfile.yml]
    encryption/decryption utility for Ansible data files
      --ask-vault-pass      ask for vault password
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                            the new vault identity to use for rekey
                            new vault password file for rekey
      --vault-id=VAULT_IDS  the vault identity to use
                            vault password file
      -v, --verbose         verbose mode (-vvv for more, -vvvv to enable
                            connection debugging)
      --version             show program's version number, config file location,
                            configured module search path, module location,
                            executable location and exit
     See 'ansible-vault <command> --help' for more information on a specific