1. ansible-galaxy 搜尋 haproxy,找到 186 項
    [deyu1@kvm19 ansible]$ ansible-galaxy search haproxy
    Found 186 roles matching your search:
     Name                                  Description
     ----                                  -----------
     aaronpederson.ansible-autodeploy      Simple deployment tool with hooks
     aaronpederson.newrelic                Application Performance Monitoring
     acandid.mariadb                       Install and Configure MariaDB 10.4
     AerisCloud.librato                    Install and configure the Librato Agent
     alikins.haproxy                       HAProxy installation and configuration.
     andrewrothstein.haproxy               installs HAProxy
     AngelFreak.heartbeat                  Ansible role for heartbeat
     ansiblebit.haproxy                    Role to setup haproxy.
     automium.haproxy                      Role for deploying HAProxy
     blurrcat.haproxy                      Installs and configure haproxy
     buluma.ansible-role-haproxy           HAProxy installation and configuration.
     yamb00.haproxy                        Installs and configure haproxy
     ZeroDowntime.haproxy                  Ansible role to install and configure haproxy
     ----                                  -----------