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  1. DHCPSET 設定 DHCP 參數,gateway 及 dns 不要設定,只做 綱段的互連。
    VPN Server/vpn>dhcpset /start: /end: /mask: \
    /expire:1000 /gw /dns /dns2 /DOMAIN /log:yes
    DhcpSet command - Change Virtual DHCP Server Function Setting of SecureNAT Function
    The command completed successfully.
  2. 設定都存於 /usr/local/vpnserver/vpn_server.config,也可以先關閉 vpnserver,直接編輯此檔後再啟動一樣可以更改設定。
    [root@dyw219 ~]# vim /usr/local/vpnserver/vpn_server.config
    [root@dyw219 ~]# grep 'declare SecureNAT' -A30 -m1 /usr/local/vpnserver/vpn_server.config
    			declare SecureNAT
    				bool Disabled true
    				bool SaveLog true
    				declare VirtualDhcpServer
    					string DhcpDnsServerAddress
    					string DhcpDnsServerAddress2
    					string DhcpDomainName $
    					bool DhcpEnabled true
    					uint DhcpExpireTimeSpan 7200
    					string DhcpGatewayAddress
    					string DhcpLeaseIPEnd
    					string DhcpLeaseIPStart
    					string DhcpPushRoutes $
    					string DhcpSubnetMask
    				declare VirtualHost
    					string VirtualHostIp
    					string VirtualHostIpSubnetMask
    					string VirtualHostMacAddress 00-AC-43-22-56-80
    				declare VirtualRouter
    					bool NatEnabled true
    					uint NatMtu 1500
    					uint NatTcpTimeout 1800
    					uint NatUdpTimeout 60

De-Yu Wang 2019-01-17