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vpncmd 設定 vpn client

  1. 使用 vpncmd 命令選擇選項 2 進行 client 設定。
    [root@dywftp vpnclient]# /usr/bin/vpnclient/vpncmd 
    vpncmd command - SoftEther VPN Command Line Management Utility
    SoftEther VPN Command Line Management Utility (vpncmd command)
    Version 4.21 Build 9613   (English)
    Compiled 2016/04/24 16:39:47 by yagi at pc30
    Copyright (c) SoftEther VPN Project. All Rights Reserved.
    By using vpncmd program, the following can be achieved. 
    1. Management of VPN Server or VPN Bridge 
    2. Management of VPN Client
    3. Use of VPN Tools (certificate creation and Network Traffic Speed Test Tool)
    Select 1, 2 or 3: 2
    Specify the host name or IP address of the computer that the destination VPN Client is operating on. 
    If nothing is input and Enter is pressed, connection will be made to localhost (this computer).
    Hostname of IP Address of Destination: 
    Connected to VPN Client "localhost".
    VPN Client>help
  2. 建立 NIC myadapter。
    VPN Client>NicCreate myadapter
    NicCreate command - Create New Virtual Network Adapter
    The command completed successfully.
  3. 建立 myconnection 連線,連線主機,連線的 hub 是 vpn,使用的 nic 為剛剛產生的 nic myadapter。
    VPN Client>AccountCreate myconnection
    AccountCreate command - Create New VPN Connection Setting
    Destination VPN Server Host Name and Port Number:
    Destination Virtual Hub Name: vpn
    Connecting User Name: user1
    Used Virtual Network Adapter Name: myadapter
    The command completed successfully.
  4. 設定 myconnection 連線的帳號 user1。
    VPN Client>AccountUsernameSet myconnection
    AccountUsernameSet command - Set User Name of User to Use Connection of VPN Connection Setting
    Connecting User Name: user1
    The command completed successfully.
  5. 設定 myconnection 連線的密碼。
    VPN Client> AccountPasswordSet myconnection
    AccountPasswordSet command - Set User Authentication Type of VPN Connection Setting to Password Authentication
    Please enter the password. To cancel press the Ctrl+D key.
    Password: *********
    Confirm input: *********
    Specify standard or radius: standard
    The command completed successfully.
  6. 使用 myconnection 連線並設定啟動服務時自動啟動。
    VPN Client>AccountConnect myconnection
    AccountConnect command - Start Connection to VPN Server using VPN Connection Setting
    The command completed successfully.
    VPN Client>AccountStartupSet myconnection
    AccountStartupSet command - Set VPN Connection Setting as Startup Connection
    The command completed successfully.

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