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  1. 先複製純文字匯出 txt 為 csv
    [root@moodle ~]# cd /var/www/html/moodle23/grade
    [root@moodle grade]# cp -a export/txt export/csv
    [root@moodle grade]# diff -qr export/csv export/txt/
  2. 更改檔名
    [root@moodle grade]# cd csv
    [root@moodle csv]# mv export_txt.php export_csv.php
    [root@moodle csv]# mv gradeexport_txt.php gradeexport_csv.php
    [root@moodle grade]# cd -
  3. 先比對修改後的差異,再逐一說明。
    [root@moodle grade]# diff -qr export/txt export/csv
    Files export/txt/db/access.php and export/csv/db/access.php differ
    Files export/txt/dump.php and export/csv/dump.php differ
    Files export/txt/export.php and export/csv/export.php differ
    Only in export/csv: grade_export_csv.php
    Only in export/txt: grade_export_txt.php
    Files export/txt/index.php and export/csv/index.php differ
    Only in export/csv/lang/en: gradeexport_csv.php
    Only in export/txt/lang/en: gradeexport_txt.php
    Files export/txt/version.php and export/csv/version.php differ