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  1. 刪除用戶 dywang@localhost。
    mariadb root@localhost:mysql> drop user 'dywang'@'localhost';                   
    You're about to run a destructive command.
    Do you want to proceed? (y/n): y
    Your call!
    Query OK, 0 rows affected
    Time: 0.003s
  2. 查詢用戶 dywang,已不存在。
    mariadb root@localhost:mysql> select host,user,password from user where user='dy
    | host | user | password |
    0 rows in set
    Time: 0.024s
  3. 退出資料庫。
    mariadb root@localhost:mysql> quit;                                             

De-Yu Wang 2020-09-18