Podman 命令

  1. podman –help 查詢輔助說明
    [root@kvm8 ~]# podman --help
  2. podman 按兩次 TAB 鍵,提示 podman 可用的命令。
    [root@kvm8 ~]# podman [TAB][TAB] 
    attach       exec         info         network      rm           top
    auto-update  export       inspect      pause        rmi          umount
    build        generate     kill         play         run          unmount
    commit       healthcheck  load         pod          save         unpause
    container    help         login        port         search       untag
    cp           history      logout       ps           start        varlink
    create       image        logs         pull         stats        version
    diff         images       manifest     push         stop         volume
    events       import       mount        restart      tag          wait
  3. podman 每個命令也都可以使用 –help 查詢輔助說明,例如 pull 命令。
    [root@kvm8 ~]# podman pull --help
    Pull an image from a registry
      Pulls an image from a registry and stores it locally.
      An image can be pulled by tag or digest. If a tag is not specified, 
      the image with the 'latest' tag is pulled.
      podman pull [flags] IMAGE
      podman pull imageName
      podman pull fedora:latest
          --all-tags                All tagged images in the repository will be pulled
          --authfile string         Path of the authentication file. 
                                    Use REGISTRY_AUTH_FILE environment variable to override
          --cert-dir Pathname       Pathname of a directory containing TLS certificates and keys
          --creds Credentials       Credentials (USERNAME:PASSWORD) to 
                                    use for authenticating to a registry
          --disable-content-trust   This is a Docker specific option and is a NOOP
          --override-arch ARCH      Use ARCH instead of the architecture 
                                    of the machine for choosing images
          --override-os OS          Use OS instead of the running OS for choosing images
      -q, --quiet                   Suppress output information when pulling images
          --tls-verify              Require HTTPS and verify certificates 
                                    when contacting registries (default true)