man page

  1. man:查詢指令使用手冊。
    [dywang@mdk-dyw ~]$ man name
    name: 要查詢的指令。
    #範例:查詢 cal(calendar) 指令用法。
    [dywang@mdk-dyw ~]$ man cal
    CAL(1)                    BSD General Commands Manual                   CAL(1)
         cal - displays a calendar
         cal [-smjy13] [[month] year]
         Cal displays a simple calendar.  If arguments are not specified, the cur-
         rent month is displayed.  The options are as follows:
         -1      Display single month output.  (This is the default.)
         -3      Display prev/current/next month output.
         -s      Display Sunday as the first day of the week.  (This is the
         -m      Display Monday as the first day of the week.
         -j      Display Julian dates (days one-based, numbered from January 1).
    q     -y      Display a calendar for the current year.
         A single parameter specifies the year (1 - 9999) to be displayed; note
         the year must be fully specified: “cal 89” will not display a calendar
         for 1989.  Two parameters denote the month (1 - 12) and year.  If no
         parameters are specified, the current month's calendar is displayed.
         A year starts on Jan 1.
         The Gregorian Reformation is assumed to have occurred in 1752 on the 3rd
         of September.  By this time, most countries had recognized the reforma-
         tion (although a few did not recognize it until the early 1900's.)  Ten
         days following that date were eliminated by the reformation, so the cal-
         endar for that month is a bit unusual.
         A cal command appeared in Version 6 AT&T UNIX.
         Several much more elaborate versions of this program exist, with support
         for colors, holidays, birthdays, reminders and appointments, etc. For
         example, try the cal from
         or GNU gcal.
    BSD                              June 6, 1993                              BSD
  2. man 的相關檔案
    1. 設定檔 /etc/man.config
    2. 資料目錄 /usr/share/man
    3. 文件目錄 /usr/share/doc

  3. 數字代號
    代號 代表內容
    1 使用者可以操作的指令或可執行檔
    2 系統核心可呼叫的函式與工具
    3 常用函式 (function) 與函式庫 (library)
    4 裝置檔案的說明
    5 設定檔
    6 遊戲
    7 慣例與協定
    8 系統管理員可用的管理指令
    9 跟核心有關的文件
  4. 內容代號
    代號 代表內容
    NAME 簡短指令、資料名稱說明
    SYNOPSIS 簡短指令下達語法簡介
    DESCRIPTION 較完整的說明
    OPTIONS 針對 SYNOPSIS 中列舉的所有參數說明
    COMMANDS 當此程式執行中可下達的指令
    FILES 此程式所使用、參考或連結的檔案
    SEE ALSO 與此指令相關的說明
    EXAMPLE 參考範例
    BUGS 是否有相關的臭蟲
    HISTORY 指令歷史
    OTHER VERSIONS 是否有其他版本

  5. man 相關按鍵有:
    按鍵 進行工作
    空白鍵 往下翻一頁。
    page up 往上翻一頁。
    page down 往下翻一頁。
    home 回到最前頁。
    end 到最終頁。
    /word 向下搜尋 word 這個字。
    ?word 向上搜尋 word 這個字。
    n,N n 繼續下一個搜尋,N 繼續反向搜尋。
    q 離開。

  6. man 使用功能
    [root@mdk-dyw root]# man --help
    man, version 1.5m
    usage: man [-adfhktwW] [section] [-M path] [-P pager] [-S list]
            [-m system] [-p string] name ...
      a : find all matching entries
      c : do not use cat file
      d : print gobs of debugging information
      D : as for -d, but also display the pages
      f : same as whatis(1)
      h : print this help message
      k : same as apropos(1)
      K : search for a string in all pages
      t : use troff to format pages for printing
      w : print location of man page(s) that would be displayed
          (if no name given: print directories that would be searched)
      W : as for -w, but display filenames only
      C file   : use `file' as configuration file
      M path   : set search path for manual pages to `path'
      P pager  : use program `pager' to display pages
      S list   : colon separated section list
      m system : search for alternate system's man pages
      p string : string tells which preprocessors to run
                   e - [n]eqn(1)   p - pic(1)    t - tbl(1)
                   g - grap(1)     r - refer(1)  v - vgrind(1)