Research Laboratories

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory 
Ext. Number:4563
 Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (Cheng-Hsiung Hsieh / Shih-Cheng Horng /Li-Chung Liao): this laboratory is mainly for courses on image processing and multimedia practice and research.
Chip Design Laboratory
Ext. Number:4562
Chip Design Laboratory (Yuen-Haw Chang / Kun-Wei Lin):  Using the services offered by "National Center for SoC design" (CIC) on chip research and development resources and manufacturing services to get practical experience on designing chips and learn how to increase the quality of the process. Building a solid basis for IC design capabilities and enhancing the quality of the talents of IC design industry.
Network Computation / Embedded System Application / Free Software Laboratory
Ext. Number:4561
Network Computation/Embedded System Application/Free Software Laboratory(Ruo-wei Hung, Honda Chen, De-Yu Wang): The laboratory focused on network graphics algorithms, embedded system software and hardware, and research and development of free software. Working on algorithms, embedded systems and free software professionals.
Web Intelligence/Decision and Control Laboratory
Ext. Number:4560
Web Intelligence/Decision and Control Laboratory (Fu-Shiung Hsieh, Shih-hung Wu, Chii-Tung Liu):  The laboratory focused on application of artificial intelligence to develop intelligent systems for the main method to study machine learning, evolutionary learning algorithms, Multi-agents, decision support systems, etc.
Information Security Laboratory 
Ext. Number:7575
Information Security Laboratory (Fuw-Yi Yang/ Chin-Ling Chen/ Tzay-Farn Shih) : this lab focuses on research and development of information security technology, in addition to network security and cryptography related technology research and development, more emphasis on combined with the application of communication technology in study on e-commerce environment. Research papers published in well-known journals at home and abroad conferences. Through laboratory training in cryptography and network security professionals, students are able to understand and solve problems from the existing system, while fostering specialized research and development personnel.
I-Service Laboratory 
Ext. Number:4553
I-Services Laboratory (Hsien-Chou Liao/ Shih-Hung Wu/Wen-Chang Cheng): the lab is for hardware and software systems integration and development. Building application of information technology to achieve a variety of situations, such as: automatic self-propelled vehicles, mechanical application of arm in the next life, cultivate students ' ability of system development and implementation. This laboratory is a joint lab with University of Aizu, Japan, through the exchange of students and teachers opportunities to build two schools in technical cooperation and increase the effectiveness of research and development.
Smart Mobile Device Application and Pattern Recognition Laboratory
Ext. Number:7713
Smart Mobile Device Application and Pattern Recognition Laboratory (Hsien-Chou Liao/ Chih-Chia Yao / Wen-Chang Cheng): this laboratory has two main characteristics: one is for smart terminal devices (such as Smartphones) and related technology and equipment to develop a variety of hardware and software applications. Second one is using image recognition technologies to address the needs of industries, including: automated pattern recognition technology of the precision machinery industry, mechanical and electronic system integration and development goals.
Biomedical System Development Laboratory
Ext. Number:7811
Biomedical System Development Laboratory (Shing-Hong Liu): the main objective of biomedical systems development laboratory lies in the cultivation of bio-medical engineering talents in information system integration and development.
Project Laboratory
Ext. Number:7471
Project Laboratory (Yuan-Hao Chang): this laboratory provides students with a special internship, with the engraving machine. Support courses or research topics: research and implement research projects supported by Ministry of Science and Technology and other institutions.
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